11.22 pm on a Sunday night and I’m doing work to prepare for tomorrow after studying all day. This video I found in my email from a friend was very uplifting. There are… Continue reading

What Makes a “Pair”?

Some post-5pm Friday thinking: What constitutes a “pair”?? Why is it a pair of pants, a pair of undies, but not a pair of bras? My answer to this question: 1. A “pair”… Continue reading

Lessons In Textuality 2

I found another pearler on my phone last night from several months ago. I’m not intentionally a bad guy but I retaliate in kind when I disagree with something. While I was more… Continue reading

Lessons In Textuality 1

After finding the perfect method to impress any woman once they got back to my place, I realised I needed to learn how to woo women to go out with me first via… Continue reading

How To Win Over Almost Any Woman

Now that I am over my food poisoning, I am in the right head space to try to deceive unsuspecting women into my life again. These are a bunch of ingenious ideas that… Continue reading

3rd World Childhood Musings

My baby cousin (in her early teens) and I tend to Skype each other every week or fortnight. Since she lives in the US, after missing out on most of her non-teenage childhood,… Continue reading